The Story

SBPrints - offering automotive lifestyle 20x30 posters in a gloss finish. Shipping world wide. New designs launched every week. 

It all started in 2004 when my mother had given me a camera for my birthday. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was given something that was capable of changing my life for the better, and it did just that. I was young, inspired and ready to find something that could create my future. My family was going through one of the most dramatic and life changing experiences that shaped the person that I am today. My father passed away in 2004 due to Alheizmer's disease. I had to find something to keep my mind busy, something to create positivity in my life and something to do when I needed to get away.

I originally moved to San Diego from Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2005 when my mother wanted to start a new life after everything had happened. I was the new kid, the outcast, the one who felt the most unwanted at school. I had to find something to make me happy, and exotic cars did that for me. I remember driving through San Diego with my mother and we were at a stop light. I looked over to my left and saw a building with a Lotus logo on it with a giant sign above it that said "Symbolic Motor Car Company". I knew at that moment that I had to go and see what this place was all about.

We pulled up, and I screamed. It was a feeling that I'll never forget. I had never seen vehicles like that in my entire life. I was scared to even get near the showroom windows, let alone go inside. It was at night, so I decided to ask my mom if we could come back when they were open on a weekend. A few days later, we made our way back to La Jolla and went inside. I decided to take my camera with me and take some photos, and that was the start of my photography career. 

I had made a name for myself after shooting cars at car shows, dealerships, posting my photography online, using MySpace and Xanga to push my content, emailing potential jobs to see if they had any openings as a photographer and more. With years of persistence and consistency, I landed a job at Symbolic Motors at the age of 18 as a receptionist, working my way up to a full time photographer. I had incorporated some marketing into that, along with graphic design, video editing, product knowledge of the cars and more, which lead to becoming a marketer later on.

At the age of 23, I decided that financially I was ready to commit to starting my own business that will be known as SBPrints. I had spent many hours on the computer and phone using online social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram building my database of supporters. I noticed that I was able to inspire and help others by sharing my story and teaching my ways of life to others. It made an impact on somebody else's life and also changed mine by making me feel good about helping. 

I want my company to show others that anything is possible. The cars that I photograph represent a reward of hard work and dedication, along with passion of fine automobiles. I imagine many people waking up, seeing one of my photographs on their wall inspiring them to jump out of bed with excitement to pursue what makes them happy. I want to help others become motivated to take that first step towards creating their future, towards becoming their own boss and towards making their dreams a reality.

With that being said, I thank you for taking the time to read this. Life brings many things to us, and my vision is to bring inspiration to those who desire rewards from working smart. One day, I wish that you will own the vehicle on the poster that you purchase and that it brings you more than just an amazing automobile, but it reminds you daily of what you have done in order to get there. I hope it helps you stay positive in a bad situation, I hope it makes you take a risk that may change your life for the better and I hope that you can give back to the people who need the inspiration the most. 

The appreciation is immense.

-Spencer Berke